Office Visits

Your dental visit during the COVID 19 pandemic

At Newton Dental Wellness, we take our patients, team and visitors safety very seriously.  Here is what you may expect:

24-48 hours ahead of your appointment, our team will pre-screen you by asking about symptoms and any COVID 19 contact via text or phone call. It is very important to everyone's safety that you let us know PRIOR to your arrival if you develop any symptoms.  If you develop symptoms or have a known, direct contact with someone with COVID 19 during past 14 days, your appointment will be rescheduled. 

We will ask you to arrive on time-not earlier or later.  

When you arrive, our team will screen you and any other person arriving with you with COVID screening questionnaire and we will take your temperature using a contactless thermometer. If symptomatic or a fever of 99.5 or higher, we will reschedule your appointment. 

In our office you will notice that there are HEPA filters and upper air UV-C units throughout the office.  Admininstrative team will be working behind a plexiglass screen and will be wearing surgical masks. Our clinical team will wear PPE such as fitted N95, surgical mask and face shield, scrubs and isolation gown. Rooms will have heavy gauge plastic curtains to contain any possible aerosols. Each room is equipped with powerful HEPA filters such as Surgically Clean Air and Upper Air UV-C light.  Room are thoroughly disinfected before and after each procedure. 

During the appointment you may be asked to keep your mask on when work is not being provided.  

Once you leave, treatment rooms are throroughly disinfected per CDC guidelines. The reception area is also frequently disinfected.  

You will receive a text or a call 48 hours later to inquire about any possible symptoms.  We do this so we can evaluate if there is any possible exposure to our team or other patients/visitors.  

What you need ahead of the appointment

To save time and reduce exposure to others, please complete new patient forms here.  

We only take necessary x-rays.  Please don't forget to provide us with copies of your previous x-rays.  Otherwise, we will take the necessary digital x-ray imaging for diagnostic purposes during your initial appointment.   

We look forward to seeing you!

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