Emergency Dental Care

A dental emergency happens even during a pandemic. To alleviate the burden on our ERs, during the COVID outbreak, our office will provide emergency dental care to our patients and to those who are not able to be seen by their own dentist due to the outbreak or do not have a dentist currently.  We also provide tele-dentistry consultations. Some examples of a dental emergency can be severe tooth pain, swelling, dental abscess, a very loose tooth preventing one to chew, trauma to front teeth, a cracked denture preventing one from chewing, a broken sharp tooth with edges that are cutting the sides of the tongue  A dental emergency is something that unless treated right away it will significantly impacts a patient's ability to function or may cause a medical emergency.

We triage all emergencies over the phone first and, if possible, provide tele-dentistry consults.   

Our office follows strict infection control protocols as mandated by the CDC. To incoming emergency patients information will be provided on the additional disinfection protocols set in place during the outbreak. 

We will only be able to see patients that do not exhibit COVID symptoms. 

Disclaimer: NDW recommends that, unless absolutely necessary, patients stay home and continue social distancing.  A patient may contract the Coronavirus by leaving the safety of his/her home and have severe complications and infect many others. 





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